Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UFO's, PhD's and WIP's

What do UFOs, PhDs and WIPs all have in common? A stitcher that starts a new project BEFORE finishing the current one. I have heaps of xstitch, patchwork, knitting... that I have started but not finished. I am determined to finish at least one of these before July 15th 2011 as it is a sampler for my parents who celebrated their golden wedding July 15 2010. I don't want it to be a 51st Anniversary present!! However as I am going to be a Great Auntie in June I do need to start some new projects too better get statching...

PhD  -  Projects half Done
UFO -  UnFinished Objects
WIP  -  Work In Progress


  1. Ha ha, I'm glad I'm not alone in starting new projects and leaving others half-finished! It's just so much fun to begin a new project, isn't it?! I can't wait to see your sampler.

  2. LOL Karen I think if I live until I'm 100 (my Dad is ONE day off 99 - so possible I guess) I still won't make a dent in all which I have - I frighten myself with all the things I have tucked away and rediscover when I least expect it...

  3. As you can see I've added pics of my current stitching. The photos start Jan 5 and the last one was last night Jan 11.
    I think that it's coming along quite well.

    Now that I know how to add photos I'll add them to a new post. Adding them to the first worked out well though LOL

    The next photo will have the hoop moved as it is now making stitching difficult!!

  4. OH dear I know how you feel. I'm not the kind of stitcher who finishes a project before beginning another one either! I have 3 that I'm going through right now and several others that are WIP going toward UFO's. I have a large piece that I'm hoping will be finished by the time my husband and I are celebrating our 10th anny or at least if I get it done early that it will be framed by then!

  5. Almost total disaster!! A mug of black tea jumped 4" into the bag that I keep my stitching in. So quick smart I grabbed the hoop and whlie pulling the hoop off the stitching moved a quickly as possible to the kitchen where I ran it under cold water then left it for a while to soak. Four hours later I dried it in a rolled towel and laid it flat on a table. Next day it was dry and is no worse for it's mug of tea. I'll post a pic to let you see how much stitching I've done since Jan 11 and why I was sooooooo upset!! All's well that end's well!!