Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Brand New Year (2011)

Well 2011 is more than a day old and maybe I'll keep this blog going.

The title of this blog is so true. It is amazing how many stitchers do so because they need time when they think of nothing except stitching. The TV may be on and you might be 'watching' a program but all of your problems and worries fade as you stitch. How do I know this is true? I started stitching in 1986, self-taught, when I moved out of home to work 265 miles away. Missing the family I kept up my knitting which was a bit difficult in 30 deg. C +. During the Easter break I went into a haby store and saw a lady doing long stitch. I bought ALL the accoutrements and my love of stitching trip began.

Since that day I have completed countless long stitch, counted cross stitch and a couple of tapestry pictures. I no longer do long stitch but I did a few years of 'Creative Tapestry' where I met a number of lovely and very artistic ladies (sorry no men joined!). Wendy is a lovely teacher and the only reason I stopped going was that my finances took a down turn. Stitching helped with the stress associated with this too.

Now I knit (since I was 3 1/2 years old), crochet (since I was 9 years old), embroider (since I was 10 years old), do patchwork and quilting since 1996 and, of course, counted cross stitch since 1985. I love making cross stitch ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) as they can be completed in a few sessions.

All I need now is to live beyond the age of Methusala (sp.) and I'll still not finish all of my stitching.


  1. I like the name of your blog, and I agree, stitching is great for stress. Happy Stitching!!!

  2. I've decided to take part in 'A Totally Useless SAL' Today is a new moon which is the time to post a pictue of my jar of cut off threads etc. I've never tried to post a picture here so here goes...

  3. oh I'd like to see photos of the ATC's! I don't think I've seen a stitched ATC. I also do scrapbooking so I've seen paper crafted ATC's.